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Drift Racing Team, NIT Jamshedpur

Drift started as a fragile plant in the summers of 2009. It was the insight of a few innovative engineers from the National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur who came forward and put up their dreams of speed into Formula student racing team, The drift Racing. Drift was never a strictly mechanical project rather the team grew on the basis of interest and took up designing as a passion. 9 members from mechanical, Electrical, metallurgy, civil and electronics departments took up the team to represent the college into the first ever formula SAE India Design challenge in December 2009. The red speedster which was named DR110 performed wonders by winning the "best designed vehicle" award along with the overall 2nd runners up. The team with high spirits participate in the Formula SAE Australasia 2010 competition, where again Drift made history by becoming the 2nd ever Indian team in history of formula SAE to win an event. The team stood 1st in the Cost event. Again, the team showed its ...
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